Majority of our designer items have a 5% to 10% variation possibility. Your garments may have variation in colour, length, cut, and style. All our outfits are stitched in a modest style. Sleeveless outfits, low backs and cropped undershirts will be adjusted. Every effort is made to ensure variation is minimal. We are not responsible for colour changes, lighting can affect the colours and this is not our issue.

Where a product is shown with embellishments on there please note these are not provided by the designers with the outfit. For example a tassel shown on a kameez is not provided, we will add similar ones however it will not be exactly as the one shown in the image. The product fabric and design will be as the image and where the accessories vary this does not mean the outfit is not as shown in the image. At times a product is shown with additional elements but these may not be added to the final product as there may not be enough fabric provided to make it as shown. 

We are stockists of branded items and as such can't be held liable for fabric quality. If you are not happy with fabric quality this is down to the brand and we recommend you look into this yourself. we merely supply the product we don't manufacture them. If you are new to purchasing branded items then we recommend you do your research before purchasing, when you purchase a branded item please note you are paying for the name of the brand as well so the price of the product reflects the brand, the price will not just be a representation of the item itself  We provide a product description which states the fabric of the item please check this beforehand as we are not responsible for your misunderstanding or lack of research. 

We offer a renowned industry leading high-quality stitching service, we style the outfits to the models and make it loose fit style or fitted as shown.

All of our dresses are stitched as per the style shown in the images. Each dress purchased will include the following:

  • Shirt/Kameez stitched as per image – (Lining is provided with all transparent shirts) in so far as possible. 
  • Bottoms stitched as per image in so far as possible. 
  • Sleeves styled as per image (sleeveless suits will be stitched with full sleeves if sleeveless are requested we will try our best to ensure sleeveless but can’t guarantee.  
  • Dupatta will be stitched and we will try and accerorise like image. 
  • undershirt included (if shown) 
  • Product embellishments*

*Style of embellishments may vary

*We do not offer a custom or made to measure service.

Please note: From time to time certain elements are shown by brands for photography purposes only and these items are not provided by the designers in the end retail product - as such there can be a possibility of a variation to the cut, length, and style and dress embellishments.


Most of our items are on pre order and we add estimate shipping dates for these items. Dispatch date are not guaranteed and the item may take longer to arrive based on shipping delays.  

 Sale items 

There is a possibility that items on sale are reduced due to any of the following reasons: end of season/minor marking/slight damage or colour differences. Any discrepancies with a sale item will not be classified as a fault as such Sale items are non-refundable/exchangeable. 

Please also note our tailors mark out items using tailors chalk this may be either yellow or blue. If you item comes with tailors chalk that is visible this will not be considered a stain on the item as it’s machine/hand washable. If the item is reduced due to chalk markings we will not refund for this.